Pixel Gun 3D game – everything is in player’s control


The game of Pixel Gun 3D is known as fast paced FPS multiplayer. Multiplayer and solo modes are there to enjoy. There is no auto jump and auto shoot. Everything is in player’s hand to control. The shooting game has various things in Pixel Gun 3D game to enjoy. Player can opt for offline campaign, online team battle, battle Royale, flag capture, and one-on –one duel and many more. In case of any problem occurs then player is also able to take advantage of pixel gun 3d pets . There are daily updates of blogger events and holiday updates as well.

Perfect battle game to play with anyone

The game of Pixel Gun 3D can be played with friends, colleagues and classmates and anyone in the whole world. Here player can customize not only character of his choice but weapons by using special skin maker and show off his skill in the battle field.

Any online mode with friends system

Player can also invite friends to play with them any online mode of Pixel Gun 3D game by putting together his strike team.

Plethora of weapons

The game has treasure house full with weapons to choose and have battle. Such as pistols, knives, machine guns, blasters sniper rifles, masses and many more unusual weaponry with more than 200 weapons.

Creative skins

The Pixel Gun 3D game has creative skins for the player to play with them. These are zombies, pirate, and sniper, slender, skeleton and pretty and charming nurses.

40 + gadgets for war

Pixel Gun 3D game has more than 40 + gadgets to use in the shooting game. Demon stone, energy shield, time machine, robot samurai, jetpack and do not forget the pixel gun 3d pets  to use in the game.


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