Pro Guide for Buying Hero in MOBILE LEGENDS: BANG BANG


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang provides a huge range of heroes to choose from the inventory. The player gets the opportunity to choose a hero of its own choice ranging from the free ones to the expensive ones. Choosing a hero with best capabilities and within the budget would be really a difficult and confusing task for anyone new to the game.

Read below to save your time and tweak to achieve the best possible hero in the shortest possible time span.

The game provides you the option to choose from a handful of heroes at free of cost so that you can start playing. The number of heroes available for free is quite low whereas there are a lot of expensive ones available.

Battle Point Accumulation Method

These heroes can be purchased by using the battle points that are gained after successful completion of a match.

In the beginning, a player is provided with quite a good amount of battle points. Now depending on the player’s gaming skill and how good he accustoms himself with the game, the player ends up saving enough points to buy a quite expensive hero or else ends up with two cheap heroes that are not so useful, even sometimes a hero in some mediocre range.

So the best is to save battle points from the beginning and quite planned usage of them in order to get some best of the heroes available.

Gems: The Shortcut to Get your Favorite Hero

One with a little shortage of patience would find this battle point method of grasping a hero quite time consuming & boring. For them the developers have made another way available – a real shortcut in case you don’t want to wait too long to battle and collect enough of points for the hero you like.

Here comes the option of in-game purchase of gems. This feature allows a player to buy gems in exchange for real currency using your credit card over some online payment gateway or by trying Mobile Legends Cheats.

Lately, this gems can be used for buying the hero whom you would like to choose as your in-game avatar.

Rotation Method: Best Method For Hero Selection

The ones from the poorer section of the community might think that the developers are money suckers and are hence doing partiality with those who have better financial reach. Nope, that’s completely wrong. For those who don’t prefer using the money, there is another option available. In my opinion, this method is the best option for choosing a hero with whom you would like to go on a long run. This is the rotation method of hero availability.

Each and every new week brings a new set of heroes that are provided free of cost to the player to play until the weekend. This hero rotation option provides good chance to test out the capabilities of different heroes, related pros & cons. That way a player can get the chance to familiarize himself with all the available heroes and choose to buy the one he founds most suitable spending his/her precious battle points and gems.

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