What is the use of lab and hidden items in the game of Gardenscapes?


The game has puzzle and adventure in nature. The player of this game has to rebuild and restore the garden things such as hedges, benches, broken things, fountain, lamps, and so on. Pet of the game is another entertaining feature of the game.

Player has many match – 3 levels to complete and share the beauty of garden with other players of the game. Player can use Gardenscapes Hack to get hidden things and stars as well as money to pass the levels of Gardenscapes easily and effortlessly.

Tasks of the game for the player to perform well

  • There are certain numbers of tasks and events on daily basis and after completing the levels to perform. After finishing them player can get stars and money to play further, these are:
    • Player has to restore and rebuild the garden by growing plants, fruit trees and so on.
    • Fountains, statues, hedges, benches, and many more items to change are needs to pay attention.
    • Player of the game can also decorate the garden with many décor able thins of the game.
    • 15 different rooms of it are full of many important things and player may also find hidden items of the game.
    • Different areas such as Tree house Area, Fountain Area, Mage Area and Crop Area of the game player can use to grow whatever he likes to grow and plant.
    • Updating function of the game keep this game interesting and fun enhancing.
    • Social media role cannot be ignored as player can share his best memories and stunning look of the garden with other players.

Numbers of stars and money

The game offers stars and money as the main game funds to explore new plants and areas as well as gardencoins.club also does the same for the game player. Daily quests and tasks help to achieve them.


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